Flexible weapons

What are flexible weapons

Look in your immediate surroundings, look on your person what flexible weapons do you have at your disposal.

T-shirt – belt – handkerchief – bandana – shoelaces – electrical cord – phone line – trash bag – car antenna – dog leash – robe – towel – etc.

No matter where you are, no matter what restrictions have been put on you, there is always a flexible weapon within reach.

Learn how to use flexible weapons in 3 stages

The first stage:

First you will learn to hold the weapon and fight without using it. This helps you learn how the weapon may impose some limitations on movement.

The second stage:

Then you learn to use the weapon exhaustively, in essence, to over-use it. This stage helps you learn every way in which the weapon can be applied.

The third stage:

Last you learn to balance the use of the weapon so you are neither under-using it, nor over-using it, but rather, having achieved effective balance in its implementation.