HAMR Self Defence

SELF DEFENSE Program providing solutions to TODAY’S real problems. We are here to prepare you to face the real world out there, confrontations, violence, crime and all. From your very first training with us, you are getting skills that could save your life today. You do not have to reach the highest level and get in the best athletic shape, in order to feel safer and more confident. Our material is very practical. It works with different environments, opponents, and situations. Our only goal is to train you to protect yourself and your loved ones in the real world.

The HAMR offers Self Defence instruction covering areas like:

Basic stance, strikes, and blocks. Each technique is specifically designed to be utilized in the event of an attack.

Program Length
Basic Self Defence Course 8 hour

Course Information

  • Practical self-defence techniques.
  • Crime prevention strategies and tactics.
  • Awareness enhancement.
  • Verbal and physical de-escalation tools.
  • Tools for solo training.
  • How to train with equipment.