The machete originally developed as a tool for clearing thickets and jungle vines, the machete has emerged as a popular weapon in many tropical countries. Functioning like any other longer blades with a progressively thickening blade, the machete developed into a very popular choice of weapon both by military and combatives systems all over the world.
We teach the machete after same methodology that we do with all our courses. The thing that change is first of all the distance but also the use of the spine of the blade. The back cut become very important when closing the distance and for opening up or change direction of the attackers weapon.
When using a longer blade you don’t need to use so much power. Let the blade do the work instead.
Course outline:
· Tactics
· Strategy
· Structure
· Non telegraphic strikes
· Grips
· strikes
· Combinations
· Footwork
· Solo work
· counters
· ways of training