Preventing criminal contact

Escape before contact

Preventing criminal contact teaches how to attain the highest potential for preventing physical contact by learning to control the pre-contact phase with a well-rehearsed response. F.B.I. statistics report that 70 – 80% of assaults can be stopped by good verbal boundaries alone.

Preventing criminal contact role-playing course teach how to:

  • Test for honest or dishonest intentions.
  • Know how criminals think and operate.
  • Deny them from gaining proximity to you.
  • Maintain a safe zone.
  • Respond (not react) when approached.
  • See behind you without turning your head.
  • Employ a protective posture.
  • Escalate your responses.
  • Convince them you are not vulnerable.
  • Deny them from gaining good positioning.
  • Stop someone who quickly steps in on you.
  • Recognize signs of impending attack.
  • Interrupt an attack

and more….