Survival courses

Our basic course for survival and emergency preparedness.

By completing this course you will gain important knowledge and skills that will increase your preparation for a possible survival situation, and in addition significantly increase your security of staying in forest and land. In addition, this course also addresses the topic of crisis preparedness to provide a basic understanding, raise awareness and contribute with important strategies to increase your preparedness in the event of a crisis, war or other serious social disruption.

The course consists of 10 blocks with a very solid and comprehensive content with the aim of providing a comprehensive picture of basic survival strategies and adequate preparation. Areas that can not only be used in the event of an emergency or crisis, but which are also a great help in everyday life.

Each block is carried out in turn and includes both theoretical and practical exercises where you should easily be able to apply the principles and methods we go through.

As the course contains both practical and theoretical exercises, you need access to the following equipment in order to complete these steps:

• A sturdy knife with a fixed blade (not a folding knife)

• A fire striker

more equipment will be added and you will get a list when you sign up.

Course blocks;

1. Introduction

2. Mental preparation – “You are in a survival situation”

3. “Everyday carry” – What you stand in (clothing, equipment, 24-72h packing)

4. Protection against cooling & climate

5. Rescue & Communication

6. Water

7. “The Prepared Survivor” – food and exercise

8. Emergency preparedness – Store food, water and other supplies and where you live plays a roll in this to

9. How to engage family

10. Resources and recommended equipment