Trainer Development

Course Overview

The following information outlines the modules that will be taught as part of M.A.T.T Combatives Diploma course.

Modules Cover

  • Preventing criminal contact
  • Defence stick
  • Flexibles weapons
  • Stick
  • Hamr Self-Defence
  • Guided discovery
  • Methodology fully course

Included Learning Tools

  • Videos on all courses (ongoing production)
  • Atlas with all courses
  • Methodology
  • Guided Discovery
  • Instructor access via Skype/e-mail

The Diploma is divided over 12-24 months depending on what order courses are taken and takes into account any module that may have already been gained.  The training itself is divided over six weekends per year.  Supplementary private training with Mattias Persson may be necessary.  This will be discussed as required.  As part of the education, attendance at a yearly training camp is mandatory.

The cost for this Diploma is 1500 euro. Unless a prior arrangement has been agreed upon, course fees must be paid for in full via Paypal or bank transfer.*

Terms & Conditions

Definitions:  All course material is the intellectual property & copyright of M.A.T.T Combatives and shall not be copied, shared or sold without authorisation by course Director & Chief Instructor – Mattias Persson.  The course Director reserves the right to expel any student from the course, thereby forfeiting paid fees should they be found to be in breech of this rule.

Conduct:  No public displays, teaching, interviews or similar are allowed without the full authorisation by course Director & Chief Instructor – Mattias Persson. 

Attendance:  In order to gain full Diploma, all training weekends and yearly camp must be attended.  Provision shall be made in very special circumstances with prior arrangement by course Director.  Fees shall be forfeited if student is absent from a session.  Missed session can be made up and paid for via private training.

Founder of M.A.T.T Combatives

Mattias persson